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                                           GOOD NEWS!!

Prairie Skies Public Library is now once again open to the public!  Please see our "Safety Guidelines" along with library hours on the HOME page!  if you have any questions, please call either location (476-3417 in Ashland and 626-1553 in Pleasant Plains) and we will be glad to be of assistance! We look forward to seeing you and your children soon!


Congratulations to all teachers, parents, and most of all STUDENTS who have successfully completed this school year (or are VERY close!)!! This has no doubt been the most challenging school year that any of us (of any age) can remember!!! We are proud of you and the work you have accomplished in spite of the many challenges you have faced! Remember, your library will be here to support you in the days ahead in whatever ways we can!

REMOTE LEARNING Tips and Helpful Websites


*  Storybooks Brought to Life : a kid-safe. add-free streaming library od read-along, animated storybooks Tips and Strategies for Remote Learning:  Free virtual learning resources for students in Pre-K-grade 9+.

* Actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams launched the #SaveWithStories - they and other celebrity guests read kids books on social media.

PSPLD!  Your home library remains your most convenient source of materials readily available for you and your at-home learning and entertainment!!  You may request materials at any time either on-line or by phone (217-476-3417 for Ashland, 217-626-1553 for Pleasant Plains. At this time we may not borrow from other libraries, but you have full access to anything we may get for you from within our two buildings...books, magazines, DVDs, audio books, etc.  Your library staff will make arrangements with you for pick-up at either the Ashland or Pleasant Plains location.

Request ideas:


*Biographies: available for all about an inspriational, encouraging and determined REAL person from history, sports, science, arts, and more!

*Favorite Authors:  Share an author from your childhood with your children, encourage them to share theirs as well!

*Non-Fiction: What are you interested in learning more about?? Animals?  Dinosaurs? Other Countries/Travel?  Cooking? History? Gardening? Volcanoes?   The sky is the limit!! Just let us know a topic and we can collect some titles for you!

*BOOK BUNDLESNew at your library!  Your library staff has prepared "Book Bundles" for you to choose as a "grab and go" service!  These are bags with 4-6 books inside chosen with specific theme and reading/interest levels in mind.  Ask about these when you call or stop by either location!

           Most of all...KEEP LEARNING!!  KEEP READING!!  And Keep looking to YOUR library! 

                                       We are here for each of you!!!


PRESCHOOL STORYTIME IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME. We encourage you and your children to watch our library website and Facebook pages for updates to changes as we receive them.  Items of particular interest to parents and children are already being posted on Facebook and you will find more on this page very soon!  This website already has great links on our "Helpful Websites" link found on the "MORE" dropdown of the PSPLD HOME page.  Here you will find a fun National Geographic site, as well as Switcheroo Zoo, INTO THE BOOK, and more!

We encourage you and your child to participate in our Summer Reading Program!  Pre-readers and Beginning Readers may participate when someone (and adult or older child reads to them!)  This year's program "DIG DEEPER: Read*Investigate*Discover"  will run from July 6-31! See above for details!

Remember, you can still work on your 1000 Books Before Kindergarten on your own! If your child enjoys a book so much that you hear "Read it Again!"  you can certainly count it every time you read it!  Our goal is for you and your child to enjoy the importance and the joy of reading!! See below for more info about that!

If you have questions, feel free to call Deb or Pat at 476-3417.

Ashland Costume Birthday Party 2019
Polar Bears with Julianna
We love "Hold a Book" time at Pleasant Plains!
Animal Tracks 2020

    Make -N-Take

Will be back "by popular demand"  when the library is again open to the public!  Watch here for updates to come!

Third Thursday Lego Group


Look HERE to find LEGO creation pics sent in...will YOURS be there to inspire us all??

One of our creative young patrons built a TURTLE from LEGOs!  What animals can you think of?  Share your ideas with us!!

Try this great STEM activity at home!! Click on the picture to the right to get started!!

       1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This is a FREE, self-guided program that encourages you and your child to read 1000 books before he or she starts Kindergarten!  Sound impossible?!  It's really very easy!  If you already have a folder, you are well on your way! For each "100" books listed as read to your child, he or she is eligible to choose a prize from the library to encourage and reward both their efforts and yours!  When the 1000 Books level is reached, your child will receive a Tshirt gift from Prairie Skies Public Library that they may wear to Kindergarten (or we are told...everywhere including for pj's!!) See photos below of those who have completed the program to date.  We now have over 100 children and their families who are or have been working on this - and many of you are close to the T-shirt prize, so don't stop now!!  If you are interested in learning more about this fun program, we will be glad to get you started when the library is again open to the public.  Contact Deb at 476-3417 for more information!

Congratulations to our T-shirt winners!  More coming soon!

 Gabe 12/5/2016

Elise 2/13/2017

Everett 6/23/2017

Emily 7/31/2017

Devlin 8/12/2017

Alaina 1/13/2018

  Maycee 9/6/2018

Addison 2/8/2019

Elsie 8/13/2019
New in 2020!
Lydia 6/8/2020
Briley 6/9/2020

Who will be next?

Many of you are close to reaching your goals!  Your picture could be here before you know it!!                          Keep reading! 

Food for thought...

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